Now we’re getting well into the Transition period, another Brexit update is here!

The UK Government has issued lists of Designated Standards, covering which EN standards will be acceptable for use within the UK for testing to UKCA marking requirements, available from the link here:

Handily, the provided information from the Government does list all the accompanying UK Statutory Instruments, along with any notes & expiry dates for presumption of conformity.
For the most part, the same standards will remain in use for the foreseeable future, however the Government has said that they may change these designations, or add restrictions in their usage to best ensure the standards in question are best suited to the UK’s needs, so check back for more information as it comes in.

All designated standards will have the following prefixes:

  • BS
  • EN
  • EN ISO
  • EN IEC

Where the designated Standard specified in the notice of publication is prefixed with “EN”, it has been deemed acceptable to reference these versions in technical documentation, or a version of the same Standard with a National prefix.

While the essential legal requirements in GB remain the same as the equivalent EU law, the informative Annex ZA/ZZ and any references to EU law in designated standards should be read as applying to the legislation for Great Britain in the same way, subject to any restrictions or points made in the relevant notice of publication. This will change if and when the essential legal requirements in Great Britain change. The Government have asked BSI to ensure that any new or revised designated standards map across to the essential legal requirements in Great Britain.

This one’s about to get a little dry, so bear with us! The tables here are fully searchable, for ease in finding the desired standard.


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Radio Equipment

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