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We offer a range of testing, advisory and technical services to help companies and other businesses comply with European Directives and statutory regulations. Our principal aim is to provide our customers with the most cost effective route to compliance, which is usually achieved through self certification. Our main services are listed below.

The overall process of complying with the CE marking Directives using British and European harmonised standards. CE marking is a means of stating that the product complies with all Directives that are applicable to a given product. We can assist with collation of data and preparation of documentation.

EMC Testing

EMC testing ensures that electrical and electronic equipment does not emit excessive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is not susceptible to EMI from other sources. EMI can interfere with the operation of other equipment, so it is important to ensure that products are EMC compliant.


Electrical Safety (LVD)Testing

LVD testing ensures that electrical and electronic equipment meets all applicable electrical safety standards. Electrical safety is important to prevent electric shock, fire, and other hazards.


Electronic Consultancy

Assistance with your product ideas and design goals with EMC compatibility in mind


Research & Development

Researching cutting-edge technologies in many sectors, from instrumentation & metrology to mechanical assemblies


CASS Industries Ltd - CE/UKCA Testing Lab

CASS Industries is a local test lab in Manchester offering compliance testing services.

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