UKCA Marking

Step 1:

The UKCA mark applies to all goods previously subject to CE marking, please refer to the relevant product legislation to check whether your product requires a UKCA marking. Products that must demonstrate they meet the requirements of the legislation include the following:

Does your product need UKCA Marking?

  • Toy safety
  • Recreational craft / Personal watercraft
  • Simple pressure vessels
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments
  • Measuring instruments
  • Lifts
  • ATEX
  • Radio equipment
  • PPE
  • Gas appliances
  • Machinery
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Ecodesign products
  • Aerosols
  • Low-voltage electrical equipment
  • Restriction of hazardous substances
  • Pressure equipment

Step 2:

Certain goods require a mandatory third-party assessment by an approved testing body before they can use the UKCA mark, while others can use self-declaration to confirm compliance.

Products that must be assessed by an approved body include the following:

What route for conformity assessment applies to my product?

  • ATEX-Rated devices
  • Legal-for-trade weighing & measuring devices
  • Certain Medical devices
  • Electricity meters
  • Gas meters
  • Mining equipment

Step 3:

To self-declare for the UKCA mark, you must keep documentation which demonstrates that your product conforms with the regulatory requirements set out in UK law. This should be kept in the form of a technical file or document.

Draft a technical file and ensure compliance

The legislation will set out conformity assessment procedure that needs to be carried out for your product. You must draw up and keep technical documentation which contains all relevant information about the means you use to ensure that your product meets the essential requirements.

The type of checks and/or descriptions required vary depending on the product, you can find the specific requirements in the A-Z of product requirements on Gov.UK.

For the exact technical documentation required for your good please refer to the relevant product legislation.

Step 4:

As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to draw up the UK Declaration of Conformity. The UK Declaration of Conformity must be available to enforcing authorities upon request.

Draw up a draft UK DoC

If the product is not being imported, the manufacturer or Authorised Representative takes
responsibility for holding a copy of the Declaration of Conformity. For imported products, the importer
must also hold a copy of the Declaration of Conformity.
The contents of the UK Declaration of Conformity vary depending on the product. Check what may be
required through the relevant UK legislation with which the product complies.
The contents of the UK Declaration of Conformity vary depending on the product, however, it should

  1. Product, type, batch or serial number.
  2. Name and address of manufacturer / manufacturer’s authorised representative.
  3. Identification / description of actual product.
  4. A statement that the product conforms with the relevant legislation.
  5. Where applicable, references to any designated standards.
  6. Where applicable, reference to the approved body that carried out any conformity assessment activity (name, number and description of activity).
  7. Signature of manufacturer (or authorised representative, where there is one).

Step 5:
Affix the UKCA Mark to your product

Once the conformity assessment procedure is completed, you must affix the UKCA marking to your goods. The legislation may also specify that the UKCA marking must be applied to supporting literature.
The rules for placing the UKCA marking are currently the same as for the CE marking.

UKCA Marking
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