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What is EcoDesign for Power Supplies?

Power supplies are everywhere around us, on every single electrical product that we all have in our homes.

In an effort to reduce the amount of power used by these supplies when they’re plugged in and not being used (such as a USB phone charger, or a TV on standby), new regulations have been introduced.

What are the regulations and requirements?

Legislation introduced by the EU (EC 2019/1782) means that all PSUs sold within the EU after the 1st April 2020 must comply with the following requirements:

  • Meet the new energy efficiency requirements which are now aligned with the US DOE Level VI standard
  • Add additional measurement of 10% of load efficiency
  • PSU specifications must now include a “manufacturer’s summary table providing additional information on the PSU supplier and design
  • The PSU label / nameplate must include output power, voltage, and current to 1 decimal place; for example 12V becomes 12.0V and 1A becomes 1.0A

There will be an exemption for PSUs intended for service or repair use up to the 30th June 2025. Existing devices can be supplied as-is for service use until that date.

CASS Industries Ltd - CE/UKCA Testing Lab

CASS Industries is a local test lab in Manchester offering compliance testing services.

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