Why choose CASS Industries?

We’re continually working with our customers to ensure that they can get their product to market with the lowest compliance costs.

Flexible solutions

We work with your engineers on solutions to EMC & Electrical Safety issues that fit with your current designs.

No hidden issues

Consulting on the electronic design early in the process ensures that there will be no surprises when test time comes.

Design & Consultancy

Here at CASS we offer extensive electronic product design services, beginning at consultancy of the design concept.

Production Viability

Divising a viable means to implement your product design requirements for production.

Prototype Integration

Ensuring that your prototype is ready for integration into a final production version, ready for market.

First-Pass Compliance

We always aim to design a product so it passes all required tests, first time.

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CASS Industries Ltd - CE/UKCA Testing Lab

CASS Industries is a local test lab in Manchester offering compliance testing services.

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