What’s this new UKCA Mark?

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark is the new UK product marking that will be required for products being placed on the UK market (England, Scotland, Wales). This new mark will cover most products that were previously covered by the EU’s CE mark.

Now we’re out of the EU, the CE mark will no longer be recognised to indicate compliance in the UK, and conversely, the UKCA mark will not be recognised in the EU to infer the same. This means that any products sold into the EU from the UK will still require the CE mark to be applied.
The Northern Ireland Protocol means that the rules covering CE marking will still apply.

What does the new mark show?

By affixing the UKCA mark to a product and placing it on the UK market, the manufacturer of that product is stating that the product meets the UK Regulations as defined in the relevant Statutory Instruments.

When will the new mark be required on products?

The UKCA mark came into force on the 1st January 2021, which marked the end of the transition period. To allow manufacturers to catch up though, the CE mark will continue to be accepted until the 1st January 2022.

Can CASS Industries perform the required testing to UKCA Specifications?

Yes. There is little change in the actual testing, and all the standards are the same as before. We at CASS Industries are able to test to both UKCA & CE marking systems, and are able to offer advice & support to customers requiring either, or both technical documentation files as required.

Can I still Self-Certify Compliance?

Yes. The principle of self-certification & 3rd party assessment remains unchanged at this time.

Placing Products on the British Market

The UKCA mark can be used to demonstrate conformity with UK regulations for products placed on the market after the 1st January 2021. As mentioned above, the CE mark can continue to be used until the 31st December 2021.
If the all the following conditions apply, then the UKCA mark must be used immediately from the 1st January 2021:

  • The product is covered by legislation which requires the UKCA mark
  • The product requires mandatory 3rd party assessment
  • The 3rd party assessment has been carried out by an EU Notified Body located in the UK & the files have not been transferred to an EU27 Notified Body
  • The product is intended for sale on the GB market.

This does not apply to existing stock, if that stock was fully manufactured & ready for market before the 1st January 2021. In these cases, the goods can still be sold in Britain with CE marking even if covered by a Declaration of Conformity issued by a UK Body.

  • From the 1st January 2022, all products to be available on the British market must be UKCA marked unless special arrangements are in place.
  • CE Marking for Medical Devices will still be recognised in Britain until 30 June 2023 assuming that British & EU rules maintain synergy.
  • Any product that is currently CE marked on the basis of an EU Notified Body assessment are required from the 1st January 2022 to be assessed by a UK Approved Body before they can be placed on the British market.
  • For businesses based in Northern Ireland, products which qualify can be placed on the British market with an EU CE marking after the 31st December 2021.

I want to place a product on the EU market. What assessment is required?

  • For goods using self-certification, no further action is required.
  • For goods having 3rd party assessment by an EU27 notified body, no further action is required.
  • For goods that have a 3rd party assessment made by an EU Notified Body located in the UK, the files will need to have been passed on to an EU27 Notified Body before 1st January 2021, or a new assessment needs to be completed by an EU27 Notified Body.

I want to place a product on the Northern Ireland market. What assessment is required?

  • Any new & existing goods that are CE marked can be placed on the market with no changes at all.
  • The UKCA mark is not recognised in Northern Ireland.
  • Any goods that require a 3rd party assessment can be placed on the Northern Ireland market using either an EU27 Notified Body and affixed with the CE mark, or a UK Approved Body and affixed with both the CE & UKNI marks. Products marked with both marks cannot be sold into the EU market, as UK Approved Bodies are not recognised within the EU.
  • Any existing 3rd party assessment from an EU27 Notified Body will continue to be accepted by Northern Ireland.