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Chemical manufacturers are required to evaluate the safety of the compounds that they produce. Part of the assessment calls for the volatility of compounds to be established and the key measure of volatility is the vapour pressure. The Vapour Pressure Balance is a high precision scientific instrument for measuring the vapour pressure of solid or liquid substances as required by health and safety legislation. This fully automated instrument operates under high vacuum, controls temperature to within twenty thousandths of a degree centigrade and measures vapour mass with a resolution of a hundred billionths of a gram. At the heart of the instrument is a magnetic levitation balance that has virtually zero bearing friction and therefore allows very precise measurements to be made.

Technical Specifications

  • Ultimate Vacuum 10-6mBar
  • Operating pressure (max) 10-3mBar
  • Nominal force accuracy +/-500ng
  • Temperature range -15 to +250°C
  • Nominal temperature accuracy +/-0.02C°
  • Repeatability ±5% using Dioctyl Pthalate
  • EMC compliance EN61326
  • LVD compliance EN61010-1
  • Communications RS485, S/W flow control, 9600:8:N:1

Required Lab Services

  • Compressed Air (dry) 0-6 Bar (regulated) at 200L/min
  • Compressed Air (oiled) 0-6 Bar (regulated) at 1L/min
  • Nitrogen 0-2 Bar (regulated)
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide Unregulated, 100mL/min
  • Electrical supply Mains 230V, 50Hz, 1Phase, 15Amp min
  • Exhaust 2off Free flowing external vent
  • Ducting 100m3/hr (optional)

Interface Requirements

  • Compressed Air push fit to 6mm OD nylon pipe
  • Nitrogen push fit to 6mm OD nylon pipe
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide 1/8″ OD St.St. pipe, 300 Bar minimum safe pressure
  • Terminate with 1/8″ Swagelok union
  • Electrical supply Fused switched outlet with zero volt release
  • 20mm knockout for cable gland
  • Exhaust 2off 12mm ID x 18mm OD plastic hose
  • Ducting 100mm OD air duct
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