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Test chambers for radiated EMC emissions and immunity testing provide a controlled environment suitable for radio frequency measurements. The pyramidal shape of the Laplacell is designed to create a plane electromagnetic wave expanding outwards from the apex without forming unwanted resonances. The LC600 is a compact EMC test chamber with the capacity of testing products up to a size of 600 x 600 x 600mm. These dimensions allow rack mounted units to be easily tested in the chamber. This chamber is optimised for use with devices that require multiple signal and power cables. Custom made connections are offered to suit the most demanding applications. A microwave filter tube for fibre optic lines, liquids, or gases is provided as standard. Other specifications can be altered to suit particular applications.


  • External Dimensions: 312 x 150 x 126 cm
  • Frequency Range (Emissions): 30-6000MHz
  • Frequency Range (Immunity: 80-6000MHz
  • Maximum RF Input Power: 40W RMS
  • Output Field Strength: 20V/m (minimum)
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